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In India more than 50% of the population still seek care for TB in the private sector. Back in 2012, TB diagnosis in the private sector was driven by -excess use of unreliable serological test and high cost of WHO endorsed diagnostics tests. IPAQT (Initiative for Promoting Affordable and Quality TB Tests) is an initiative which started in 2013 to bring RNTCP or WHO-approved tuberculosis tests at affordable prices to patients in the private sector. IPAQT brought together various private labs with the support of test manufacturers and other major stakeholders to bring down the price for quality TB tests for up to 50% in the private sector.

IPAQT partner labs in India offer WHO approved TB tests at or below the mentioned ceiling prices:

Hain Genotype Test
MGIT AFB Culture
BacT/ALERT AFB Culture

IPAQT Partner Labs

For the first time in India, via IPAQT, WHO endorsed tests are being offered at substantially reduced prices. Now patients can get tested for TB  at the lowest costs and lesser time.

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